'In the Line of Kenan'
Season 1, Episode 9
Kenan and Kel S01E09
Production Code: 109
Air Date: November 9, 1996
Written by: Paul Dell & Steven Weiss
Directed by: Kim Fields Freeman
Episode Chronology
The Cold War
Dial O for Oops
In the Line of Kenan is the ninth episode of Season 1 and the ninth overall episode of Kenan & Kel. It aired on November 9, 1996. It was written by Paul Dell & Steven Weiss and directed by Kim Fields Freeman.


The President of the United States stop by at Rigby's and stumbles upon a falling pyramid of orange soda cans, but Kenan saves him just in time of the attack. Because of that, the President invites Kenan and Kel to the White House, where they wreak havoc.









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