Kenan & Kel
Kenan and Kel logo
General Information
Genre Comedy
Created by Kim Bass
Starring Kenan Thompson
Kel Mitchell
Ken Foree
Teal Marchande
Vanessa Baden
Dan Frischman
Theme Music Composer Victor Concepcion
Opening Theme Aw, Here It Goes by Coolio
Closing Theme Aw, Here It Goes (instrumental)
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 4
No. of Episodes 62 + 1 TV Movie
Production Information
Executive Producer(s) Kim Bass
Dan Schneider
Mike Tollin
Brian Robbins
Producer(s) Kevin Kopelow
Heath Seifert
Location(s) Nickelodeon Studios
Orlanda, Florida (seasons 1 & 2)
Nickelodeon on Sunset
Hollywood, California (seasons 3 & 4)
Camera Setup Multi-Camera
Running Time 24 minutes
Production Company(s) Tollin/Robbins Productions
Bass Entertainment
Nickelodeon Productions
Original Channel Nickelodeon
Picture Format SD: 480i
Audio Format Dolby Surround
Original Run July 15, 1996 - July 15, 2000
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Kenan & Kel is an American teen comedy sitcom created by Kim Bass that ran from July 15, 1996 to July 15, 2000. The show aired on Nickelodeon.

About the ShowEdit

Kenan & Kel is a show that involves two teenage boys, Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble, who often get into trouble after various schemes that have shown to fail. This usually happens when something goes wrong. The show is set in Chicago, Illinois, where the duo live.


The show is split into three segments. The introduction, the storyline and the conclusion.


During the introduction, Kenan and Kel introduce themselves to the audience and talk about a few things that the audience will expect during the show. Kel usually doesn't know what the show is about, in which Kenan doesn't tell him about. In most of the show's introductions, the duo usually bring out hints of the storyline (especially for Kel's sake). Some of the hints are not obvious to the plot though. Those hints lead to Kenan planning on how the show will run. Kel then protests, preferring to entertain the audience in a more friendly way. Despite protesting, he gives up and signs in the show by yelling his catchphrase "Aw, here it goes!" and follows Kenan to do the show.


The storylines usually start off at Rigby's or the Rockmore Residence. Kenan, Kel or anyone in the area usually do something calm and peaceful. In most episodes, however, the calmness is ruined by Kel's stupidity. This causes Kenan to think of schemes that could possibly fix the mess. Some episodes involve Kenan planning a scheme after getting an idea from a source. He schemes in hopes of getting money and (unknowingly to others) some trouble. He ropes Kel into his schemes (of which Kel always refuses initially, but ends up doing them anyway). During the process, Kel messes things up, which leads to disastrous results. The storylines normally end with Kenan and Kel in awkward situations, in trouble or in places where everything is destroyed. Kenan's parents and Chris are usually present when all the damage is done (which Roger has to pay for).


During the conclusion, the duo ask the audience if they enjoyed the show and dismiss them, but before they do, they talk about the aftermath of the episode; examples include the consequences of their actions, the possible results of what they did and sometimes have another cast member joining them following the end results. Kenan, however, tells Kel to collect a bunch of weird combinations and meet him at places that don't correspond to them. Kel protests, saying that what Kenan wants to do isn't normal. Despite protesting, he goes on to sign out the show with his catchphrase "Aw, here it goes!" and follows Kenan to wherever he's going.

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